Fire Prevention Week: Learn How Heatsheets Can Play a Role in Lifesaving Efforts

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Fire Prevention Week: Learn How Heatsheets Can Play a Role in Lifesaving Efforts

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This week serves as Fire Prevention Week and this year’s theme is “Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out.” In observance of Fire Prevention Week, firefighters and emergency responders are visiting schools and businesses within their communities to reinforce the importance of having a fire escape plan.

Heatsheets® supports the vital work of firefighters and emergency responders, and we’ve created a unique tool that can assist their lifesaving efforts. Our emergency blankets provide comfort and warmth to individuals receiving care. When worn silver-side in, Heatsheets return up to 90% of a person’s body heat, creating an envelope of warm air, or by simply flipping the blankets and wearing them silver-side out, Heatsheets become a heat reflector, directing sunlight away from the wearer and helping their bodies steadily cool off.

Our portable blankets are lightweight and can be stored in response vehicles, as they require minimal storage space. We also offer high-visibility yellow blankets, so wearers can be seen in dim light and from a distance.

The Heatsheets team has worked hand-in-hand with medical and operations directors for over 35 years to make sure safety blankets could be quickly deployed in emergency situations. We’re proud that the technology and innovation behind our products support the efforts of emergency responders and play a vital role in delivering care and relief to those in need.

To see how our emergency blankets can work for your unit, click here to request a sample, or make a purchase today.