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October 13, 2017
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Heatsheets Now Offers Free Ground Shipping!

Heatsheets now offers free ground shipping to customers nationwide! Our free shipping offer is valid for shipments to U.S. addresses (commercial or home) on orders less than 120 total pounds. No promo code necessary.

“We take pride in making customers our number one priority and we’re excited to show them our appreciation,” said Heatsheets Vice President Lacie Whyte. “Our goal is to provide customers with exceptional products at the best prices and our products continue to provide comfort and protection from inclement weather conditions.”

When worn silver-side in, Heatsheets return up to 90% of a person’s body heat creating an envelope of warm air. By simply flipping the blankets and wearing them silver-side out, Heatsheets become a heat reflector, directing sunlight away from the wearer and helping their bodies steadily cool off.

Interested to see how Heatsheets can work for you? Place your order and start protecting yourself today.

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