Providing protection from the elements for 35 years.

Heatsheets emergency blankets provide comfort and protection from the elements, while taking up minimal space. They reflect up to 90 percent of body heat back to the user, while blocking wind and rain. Their durable material means they can be easily reused, unlike traditional space blankets.

Heatsheets were developed 35 years ago to help elite athletes recover after endurance events. Our team worked hand in hand with medical and operations directors to make sure safety blankets could be quickly deployed in emergency situations.

We bring that same operational knowledge and adaptability to public safety – developing high visibility colors and special packaging to save space and to ensure rapid deployment.

Heatsheets are made from a recyclable LDPE (low density polyethylene), contain no lead or phthalates and adhere to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act standards. Heatsheets are made in the USA and carry the Certified Space Technology seal.

As of June 2017, Heatsheets has been added to the “New partner with Central Equipment Co.” on Massachusetts State contract FIR04.



Heatsheets blankets keep patients warm on the stretcher and won’t stick to wounds and burns.



For one person or for a community, Heatsheets are an important piece of any disaster planning strategy.



With one single deployment blanket in each go-bag, officers are prepared to protect citizens from the elements on any call.



“The risk/reward is a no-brainer. Heatsheets are on-hand at all our emergency meet-up spots.” – School Superintendent



Heatsheets are a perfect solution for medical practices, such as acupuncture sessions, to maintain patient comfort and warmth without disrupting the procedure.



Brand your event, keep citizens/spectators/athletes warm and comfortable, and raise money with Heatsheets.

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