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Running in a Warming World

man running in a warming world

warming world

(Running in a Warming World blog based off Washington Post article “Athlete vs. heat” by Rick Maese)

It is no secret that our planet is warming at an alarming rate. In fact, the past four years have been the hottest on record with the average temperature across the Earth’s land and ocean surfaces rising 1.42 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th century average. Climate projections suggest the Earth could warm by 3 or 4 degrees by the end of this century.

Not only will this rise in temperature have devastating affects on animals, humans and cities throughout the globe, but it will have “major ramifications for outdoor sports everywhere, from recreational weekend joggers to elite athletes competing on the biggest stages.” (read “Athlete vs. heat” by Rick Maese of the Washington Post to learn more)

The rise in global heat has already caused next Summer’s 2020 Tokyo Olympics to start its marathon race at 6 am to stay ahead of the heat. Sports history aficionados could argue this has less to do with global heat than temperatures in Tokyo since the 1964 Tokyo Olympics were moved to October because of brutal heat. Interestingly, it is hotter in Tokyo now than it was in 1964, with anticipated average temperatures of nearly 90 degrees and humidity exceeding 55 percent. This Olympics may be the hottest ever!

How can athletes, from the weekend warrior to the world’s elite, protect themselves at the starting line and after races from extreme heat and cold? One key to competing in extreme weather is to arrive early and acclimate to the climate. For the Tokyo 2020 Olympic marathon, this means arriving well before the 6 am start time. The other key component is to have the right gear. This is where Heatsheets Silver Lining Technology comes into play. Heatsheets can be used silver-side-in for cold weather, reflecting up to 90 percent of the user’s body heat back to them, or silver-side-out in warm weather, deflecting heat away from the user to allow the body to stay cool. Runners may already have the right footwear and apparel come race time, but the recyclable Heatsheet protects before and after to stay safe in an ever-warming world.

Contact us here to learn more about Heatsheets and click here to read the full Washington Post article, “Athlete vs. heat” by Rick Maese.