Heatsheets For Acupuncture

Acupuncture Blankets from Heatsheets are a perfect solution for acupuncture sessions to maintain patient comfort and warmth. The lightweight reflective material does not put pressure on needles and effectively keeps the patient warm. Heatsheets Blankets feature our proprietary Silver Lining technology, which is based on products originally developed by NASA for the U.S. space program. Silver Lining reflects up to Silver Lining reflects up to 90% of body heat back to your patient. Free US Ground Shipping* & Handling

Product Highlights:

» Extremely lightweight and durable

» Suitable to drape on patients with inserted needles

» Reflects up to 90% body heat back to patient

» Made from a reusable, recyclable LDPE (low density polyethylene) - softer and quieter than Mylar blankets

» Made in USA

Product Details:

» 72″ x 47.25″ Classic white/silver recyclable LDPE Heatsheets® Blankets

» Perforated and available in 200, 100 and 25 count rolls

» Sold in full rolls only- 25 count rolls are sold in sets of 2

» 200 & 100 count rolls are packaged in dispenser cartons for easy distribution

Acupuncture Blankets from Heatsheets are manufactured by AFM Heatsheets, the leading manufacturer of reflective insulation fabrics to keep individuals comfortable in virtually any weather or condition. Heatsheets have been ubiquitous at marathon finish lines worldwide since they were first introduced at the 1980 New York City Marathon.

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