The award-winning Ultraflect™ is a reflective lightweight polyester woven insulation fabric featuring Heatsheets’ Silver Lining® technology. While reflective insulation technology isn’t new – inducted into the Space Foundation’s Hall of Fame in 1996 and used as protection from the extreme temperature changes of outer space – Ultraflect™ translates the products originally developed for space environments into today’s demands for comfort, convenience, style, and function.

Product Details

  • Provides protection in a more compact form
  • Incorporates an ultra-thin, soft, and durable reflective-insulation membrane laminated to familiar woven fabrics to deliver exceptional protection from the burning rays of the sun, or to stimulate warming
  • Stream-lined solution that imposes little change to the appeal of the host fabric in outward appearance and drapability
  • Ideal insulation for performance wear, outdoor fashion apparel, and shelter products (i.e. sleeping bags, tents, emergency bivvys, etc.)

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