Serving Those Who Serve

When preparing for the worst, Heatsheets is the brand you can trust. Soldiers have relied on Heatsheets as a versatile emergency survival item that can be used for both warmth and shelter.

As a medical device, Heatsheets blankets have protected thousands of lives from inclement weather as well as emergent medical conditions. First responders, military personnel, medical professionals and outdoor enthusiasts have relied on Heatsheets life-saving capabilities for over three decades.

About Heatsheets

Heatsheets are made from a recyclable LDPE (low density polyethylene), far more durable material than traditional Mylar space blankets and are therefore suitable for a variety of uses. They are also lightweight and can be folded down easily, making them an ideal lightweight option for stashing in a pack for peace of mind.

Heatsheets are made in the USA, and carry the Certified Space Technology seal.

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Let Heatsheets help you during Emergencies!