How It Works

Heatsheets feature our proprietary Silver Lining™ Technology, based on radiant barrier science developed by NASA Engineers for the U.S. Space Program. Heatsheets are the only products of their kind that are approved by the Space Foundation to display its coveted “Certified Space Technology” seal. Worn silver-side in, they capture up to 90% of a person’s radiated body heat. Worn silver-side out, they deflect external heat sources.

Advantages of Heatsheets

  • The proprietary reflective surface returns up to 90% of body’s radiant heat to the wearer, generating an envelope of warm air

  • Made from a recyclable LDPE (low density polyethylene), Heatsheets are softer, quieter, and more durable than early generations of emergency blanket products – Heatsheets strong product make-up helps resist tears when nicked or punctured

  • Available in several different packaging options developed from three decades of field research, to address the needs of  individual users, first responders, event volunteers, building evacuation emergencies, and more

  • Windproof and waterproof

  •  Manufactured from food-grade polyethylene resins, containing no BPAs or lead, and are #4 recyclable plastic film

  • Recyclable through our Blankets to Boards™ program, in partnership with the Trex Company; or directly through the Trex Company’s Plastic Film Recycling Challenge


Keep your runners, spectators, and community protected from the elements.