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Heatsheets and our Silver Lining material have been a requisite backpack item for years for those who love the outdoors. Heatsheets products are more durable than standard space blankets, offering versatility and the potential for multiple uses. Their light weight makes them perfect for individuals who are careful about every extra ounce they are adding to their pack.

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Heatsheets can be used as blankets, ground covers, emergency shelters, and as gear covers. Heatsheets bivvys provide extra heat retention when weather takes an unprotected turn. Heatsheets are made in the USA, and carry the Certified SPACE technology seal. Heatsheets emergency blankets and bivvys are available under Adventure Medical Kit's SOL brand at outdoor giants, including:

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"When space and weight are at a premium,
I'll take one of the Heatsheets Blankets."

Brian Brawdy, Survival Expert