Working with Charities

Printed Heatsheets blankets have been ubiquitous at finish lines worldwide since they were first introduced at the 1980 New York City Marathon. As the company has grown, we’ve continued to develop additional temperature-control products like our race capes and warming ponchos. All of our products are produced and printed in North America. They are made from eco-friendly material, and our blankets and ponchos are fully recyclable.

Heatsheets blankets, ponchos and capes feature our Silver Lining™ technology, a proprietary reflective insulation process that was originally developed by NASA for the U.S. space program. Silver Lining reflects up to 90% of a person’s body heat back to the wearer. Our products are also wind-resistant and waterproof, offering protection in all types of weather.

Benefits of Working with Heatsheets

Printed Heatsheets blankets and ponchos can also be used as a part of your fundraising efforts either by partnering with a sponsor or being sold directly to those participating in an event, helping to spread awareness of your charity in the running space while creating a revenue stream for your organization.

Additional benefits of providing Heatsheets blankets and ponchos for promotion include increasing your charity’s awareness on social media and the use of innovative marketing at sporting events and races by turning Heatsheets wearers into walking billboards.


How Does it Work?

Custom printed Heatsheets present a unique and exciting branding opportunity for charities to increase visibility and awareness. With a minimum order of 3,000, charities can work with Heatsheets to provide blankets, ponchos or capes, in the following ways:

» You can purchase Heatsheets on a roll in 200-ct. cartons, which can easily be distributed to your team pre-race during chillier months. The Heatsheets are perforated for easy distribution.

» You can purchase individually wrapped blankets, ponchos or capes, which are simple to transport and can be given out to your team prior to, during or after an event.

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