Heatsheets Rapid-Unwind™ Racks

Rapid-Unwind™ Racks increase the distribution speed of blankets, keeping athletes warm and moving quickly toward food and drink, and the post-race events. Our packaging and dispensing system also reduces the amount of generated waste and greatly diminishes the footprint required at the finish line where space is at a premium. Heatsheets volunteers are well-trained and appreciate how easy we make it to distribute. A volunteer remarked of the dispensers, “My back knows the difference. It’s night and day. This is much more efficient.”

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Product Details

» 31” long rack, 35” long pipe

» 2.87 lbs (rack), 2.5 lbs (pipe)

» Sold in sets of 2

» Set-up instructions included

» Ships within 1-2 business days of order placement

» Racks must be mounted/hung on a crowd control-type barrier; they will not function on a table top





PLEASE NOTE: Rapid Unwind Racks will not work if used on a table top. They must be mounted/hung over a crowd control type barricade in order to function properly. Please contact Heatsheets with any questions regarding proper use.

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Hands-Free Heatsheets Tape

We’ve thought of everything! Answering a common need, Hands-Free Heatsheets Tape keeps blankets closed in front. Now, exhausted athletes can wear Heatsheets for protection and have their hands free for food, drink and phone.





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Product Details

» 3.5” x 1.25” each

» 2,500 pieces of tape per roll

» Recyclable with Heatsheets

» Ships within 1-2 business days of order placement