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The Benefits of Start-Line Blankets

Start-Line Blankets Half-Marathon

Start-Line Blankets

Athletes who perform outside in the bitter autumn weather must have the clothing and tools to regulate their body temperature. New York runner Joseph Shayne recalls running cross country in high school and his coach dropping a laundry basket at the runners’ feet moments before the race began. In the basket, they would load their sweatpants, sweatshirts, and other articles of clothing they used to keep warm while they waited for the race to begin.

He mentions not realizing the importance of the laundry basket until arriving for his first marathon and being forced to endure the cold, fall weather for more than 30 minutes while waiting for the race to kickoff. After this experience, Shayne showed up to run in the New York City Half Marathon and was thrilled to find that the race director had employees waiting at the entrance with Heatsheets. He was elated to discover the “start-line blanket,” also known as Heatsheets Silver Lining technology. The blanket kept his mind and body warm and in the proper space for what ended up being one of the best half-marathons he ever ran.

Heatsheets keeps people comfortable in virtually any weather. The Heatsheets Silver Lining technology is perfect for extreme cold or hot weather. When worn silver side up, it reflects up to 90 percent of the user’s body heat back to them, but when worn silver side out in hot weather, it deflects heat away from the user to allow the body to stay cool. In addition, Heatsheets are great for shielding the sun’s rays, staying dry in the rain, and protecting oneself against the wind.

Heatsheets technology doesn’t stop with classic blankets. There collection of products is designed to control body temperate.

Visit the Heatsheets website to learn more about the award-winning Ultraflect™ fabric. and discover how you can use Heatsheets outside of endurance events.

Blog based off Runner’s World Magazine article slated to be posted September 2019.