Individually Packed Ponchos

Convenient Packaging

Heatsheets Ponchos are individually packaged and the compact casing makes them easy to transport. Once opened, each poncho can be folded to 3” x 5” for easy repacking and traveling in emergency response vehicles. Utilizing the Heatsheets Poncho in emergency situations can provide immediate warmth to individuals under care.

Custom branding is available upon request with a minimum order of 500 ponchos. Contact us for more information.

Secure Online Ordering


1-2 Boxes: $400  ($4 per unit)

3-4 Boxes: $375  ($3.75 per unit)

5-7 Boxes: $350  ($3.50 per unit)

8-10 Boxes: $325  ($3.25 per unit)

11+ Boxes: $300  ($3 per unit)



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