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October 27, 2017
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November 22, 2017
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Ways to Leverage Heatsheets In Colder Temperatures

The team at Heatsheets understands the importance of every child having access to quality education. This year American Education Week is being observed on Nov. 13–17th, and the event is highlighting that no matter the circumstance, every student deserves the support, tools, and time to learn.

We’ve created our blankets to assist the education sector in protecting students and faculty from inclement weather conditions—allowing them to focus on their number one priority, providing students with the necessary tools to learn and grow. Because of this, our emergency product line is an important addition to every school district’s emergency preparedness plan. Here are a few ways you can leverage our emergency blankets and ponchos in colder temperatures:

Unscheduled fire drills – Being water and wind resistant, our blankets keep students and faculty protected by providing warmth when they are forced to be outside during fire drills, or actual emergencies.

Student Transportation – Stock Heatsheets on school buses/shuttles to keep students and staff protected on field trips or on a stormy, windy ride home.

In addition, our education partners can use Heatsheets blankets and ponchos for some after school fun.

Sporting Events – Having a presence at your school’s game day means that student athletes, families, friends and fans will spend more time enjoying the festivities and less time worrying about the weather.

Fundraiser/Branding Opportunity – Heatsheets can be an excellent fundraising tool while also helping spread awareness of your event or cause with our branded and customizable products.

When worn silver-side in, Heatsheets return up to 90% of a person’s body heat, creating an envelope of warm air. By simply flipping the blankets and wearing them silver-side out, Heatsheets become a heat reflector, directing sunlight away from the wearer and helping their bodies steadily cool off. Our products are made from a durable, recyclable, metalized film (LPDE #4), and are much stronger and more ecofriendly than a traditional Mylar blanket.

To see how our products can work for your emergency preparedness plans, place your order today. Heatsheets now offers free shipping on orders less than 120 total pounds. *Restrictions apply*