AFM Heatsheets Celebrates the 10th Anniversary for Heatsheets® Recycling

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September 22, 2017
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AFM Heatsheets Celebrates the 10th Anniversary for Heatsheets® Recycling

September marked the 10-year anniversary for Heatsheets® recycling. In 2008, AFM initiated a pilot recycling program with six events of varying size to test the viability of recycling Heatsheets, which are made from a #4 LDPE (low density polyethylene). After the successful pilot and enthusiastic response from events and participants alike, AFM actively searched for a company who would be willing to collaborate in these recycling efforts.

In 2011, AFM partnered with the Trex Company and created the free Blankets to Boards™ recycling program. Blankets to Boards enables events to collect any discarded Heatsheets post-event and drop them off at Trex-affiliated retailers/grocers. The recycled Heatsheets are later combined with other recycled plastic and recycled lumber, to create wood-alternative railing and decking products. The upcycling concept is one that was very appealing to AFM and also to our event partners and their participants.

“We are very conscious of the fact that Heatsheets are made from plastic,” said AFM Director, Stephanie Deigan. “In keeping with our mission, which includes creating sustainable solutions, we switched from using Mylar (metalized polyester) to a recyclable plastic (LDPE) in 2004. We tested Heatsheets to make sure that the aluminum coating would not affect recyclability and fortunately, it did not. In the years that followed, our team looked for creative ways in which to recycle our product for users that did not want to retain their Heatsheet as a souvenir or for future use post-event. Recycling Heatsheets can also earn events points toward certification with the Council for Responsible Sport, and we continue to encourage events of all sizes to participate in our Blankets to Boards program, or recycle with their contracted recycler.”

“The Council for Responsible Sport started a pilot event certification program about the same time Heatsheets started their pilot recycling program in 2008,” said Council Board member Keith Peters. “In subsequent years, many events have earned the Council’s credit for diverting a hard-to-manage item from the landfill by participating in Heatsheets Recycling Program, getting them one step closer to achieving our responsible event certification.”

Here is what some of our event partners are saying about their recycling efforts, and why they continue to incorporate Heatsheets into their recycling plans:

“Twin Cities In Motion prides itself on being a responsible member of the Twin Cities community in all aspects,” Twin Cities In Motion Executive Director Virginia Brophy Achman said. “Being good environmental stewards is another important way in which we practice good citizenship as an organization.” – Actively recycling Heatsheets since 2008

“Since 2010, we have worked closely with our runners, volunteers, spectators and partners to make the Bank of America Chicago Marathon as sustainable as possible.” said Bank of America Chicago Marathon Executive Race Director Carey Pinkowski. “This is shown in the hard work that has been done and encourages us to continue these efforts in supporting the environment and communities our race runs through.” – Actively recycling Heatsheets since 2011

“The Flying Pig Marathon is committed to the sustainability of our events and being a good steward of our neighborhood and environment. The Blankets-to-Boards recycling partnership of Heatsheets and the Trex Company has helped us achieve our diversion goals. We look forward to working with them again in 2018.” – Denise Hovey, Administrative Director, Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon – Actively recycling Heatsheets since 2011

Some of our other event partners who are active in recycling efforts, include:

Akron Marathon

Big Sur International Marathon

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

Chicago Marathon

Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon

Glass City Marathon

Grandma’s Marathon

Hartford Marathon

Illinois Marathon and 10K

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

Kansas City Marathon

Kiawah City Marathon

Los Angeles Marathon

Oklahoma City Marathon

Queen Bee Half Marathon

Shape Half Marathon

New York City Half Marathon

New York City Marathon

Pittsburgh Marathon

Tulsa Route 66 Marathon

Twin Cities Marathon

Vermont City Marathon


For more information on Heatsheets, or questions regarding recycling, please contact AFM at