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September 8, 2017
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Transitioning into Cooler Temps with Heatsheets®

As temperatures begin to drop, it’s also time to get your students prepared for Fall (better known as sweater weather). Read on to learn why Heatsheets emergency blankets will be your go-to item for protecting students from the elements this season.

Heatsheets products have been at the forefront of protecting individuals from the elements for more than 35 years. As a trusted source of protection, our emergency product line has been designed with our customers’ comfort in mind, we also proudly source eco-friendly materials. Heatsheets emergency blankets and ponchos are the perfect solution for your school’s preparedness plans.

With school back in session, now is the time to prepare for unscheduled fire drills or evacuations, and get ready for the adrenaline rush of football season. Our parent-approved Heatsheets blankets are a great addition to your school’s safety preparedness kits or concession stands at football games all semester long. We know student safety is a top priority. Our durable and reusable blankets and ponchos are lightweight and easy to transport. Reflecting up to 90 percent of body heat back to the user when worn silver side in, Heatsheets blankets and ponchos protect wearers from virtually any weather, including heat, wind, cold, and rain.

Our education product offering includes:

  1. Single-packaged classic blankets: Packaged individually for easy accessibility
  2. Classic Heatsheets-on-a-Roll: Available in dispenser cartons for efficient storage within schools
  3. Single-packaged ponchos: Featuring a hood and arm holes—convenient for protecting student athletes while on the sidelines
  4. Single packaged high-visibility, yellow emergency blankets: In an easy-open fold, and large enough for two people

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