Top 5 Ways to Leverage Heatsheets Within the Education Sector

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March 23, 2017
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Top 5 Ways to Leverage Heatsheets Within the Education Sector

Is your school properly prepared for a large-scale crisis to occur before, during or after school hours? The leading manufacturer of U.S. made heat-reflective products for over 35 years; Heatsheets’ line of emergency blankets and ponchos are the one-stop solution for your school preparedness plans. Below are the top 5 ways to leverage Heatsheets within the education sector:

  1. Disaster Preparedness – The team at Heatsheets understands the vital need to create and update a safety plan to ensure all involved are protected and safe. Our emergency product line offers products that are lightweight yet durable to withstand water, wind and rain.
  1. Fire Drills – When students and faculty are forced to be outside during fire drills, or actual emergencies, our blankets keep them protected by providing warmth, while also being water and wind resistant.
  1. Sporting Events – Having a presence at your school’s game day means that student athletes, families, friends and fans will spend more time enjoying the festivities and less time worrying about the weather.
  1. Student Transportation – Stock Heatsheets on school buses/shuttles to keep students and staff protected on field trips or on a stormy, windy ride home.
  1. Branding Opportunity – Heatsheets can be an excellent fundraising tool while also helping spread awareness of your event or cause with our branded and customizable products!

Whether planning ahead for a routine fire drill or in the event of an actual emergency, Heatsheets’ emergency products are an important addition to every school district’s emergency preparedness kit.

Made from a durable, recyclable, metalized film (LPDE #4), Heatsheets are stronger and more ecofriendly than a traditional Mylar blanket.

Click here to see our full line of emergency products or request a free sample to see how Heatsheets can work for you!