Include Heatsheets in Your Back to School Preparedness Kits

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Include Heatsheets in Your Back to School Preparedness Kits

Back to School

As you gather your school disaster management committee and prepare for students to return to the classroom, among many considerations, disaster risk reduction and safety preparedness should be top-of-mind.

Safety assessment and planning is especially crucial at the beginning of a school year as school officials often meet intensively to assess risks, hazards and vulnerabilities. After committee members generate plans to target specific needs, they communicate this plan with school administrators, parents and students. Participation from all sectors of the school community ensures everyone is prepared.

Stocking up on emergency supplies is essential, as is assembling disaster supply kits before the start of a school year. Ensuring your inventory is adequately stocked reduces the risk of running low during a crisis.

The team at Heatsheets understands the vital need to create and update a safety plan to ensure all involved are protected and safe. That’s why we created the Heatsheets Emergency Blanket— lightweight yet durable to withstand water, wind and rain. The reusable blankets protect wearers under all types of inclement weather conditions and provides hypothermia protection.

Consider Heatsheets Emergency Blankets when researching and sourcing emergency supplies for your school’s safety preparedness kits. Students can wear them silver side in for cold weather as the blankets reflect up to 90% of the user’s body heat back to them. They can also wear them silver side out in warm temperatures, deflecting heat away from the user to allow the body to stay cool.

Heatsheets blankets are produced, printed and converted in the United States, using eco-friendly materials. The blankets feature proprietary Silver Lining technology, based on radiant barrier technology developed by NASA for the U.S. Space Program.

For more information on how Heatsheets Emergency Blankets can be incorporated into your emergency preparedness plan or to place your first order, call 773-337-3887.