Game on! Stock Up on Heatsheets Before Your School’s Next Sporting Event

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August 11, 2016
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August 24, 2016
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Game on! Stock Up on Heatsheets Before Your School’s Next Sporting Event

Sporting Event

Gearing up for game season at your school? Heatsheets can help! As advocates for the safety of all athletes and event goers, Heatsheets prides itself for being a reliable source of comfort and protection from the weather for many years and for thousands of users.

Having a presence at your school’s game day means that students, families, friends and fans will spend more time enjoying the festivities and less time worrying about the weather. Read on to learn how the versatility of our lightweight blankets can protect not only the kids on the field but your halftime entertainment and family and friends cheering from the stands.

Heatsheets can regulate an athlete’s body temperature whether on or off the field. Consider keeping a stock of our durable blankets on the sidelines. They fold to the size of a wallet, which means they take up minimal space and leave more room for the players.

When it’s halftime and the school band is ready to pump up the crowd for the second half of the game, don’t let the elements stop the fun. Our Heatsheets race capes are ideal for band mates as they allow wearers to keep their bodies warm, while their hands remain free to play their instruments. They can throw the capes over their attire to stay comfortable while rocking out to their routine.

Let’s face it, sporting events would be nothing without screaming moms and dads and exuberant friends cheering from the sidelines. After years of serving the racing community, Heatsheets has experienced firsthand the impact a hug from a loved one has on those competing. Because of this, we understand the importance of keeping them protected too. Heatsheets blankets are easily transportable and can fit in almost any size bag, making them the perfect addition to any fans cheering kit.

Heatsheets blankets offer hyperthermia protection and can be used silver side in for cold weather, reflecting up to 90% of the user’s body heat back to them, or silver side out in warm weather, deflecting heat away from the user to allow the body to stay cool. The durable material ensures that our reusable blankets will last the entire season!

To learn how you can leverage Heatsheets blankets and capes at your school’s sporting events, call 773.337.3887.