School Fire Drills Now in Session: Learn How Heatsheets Can Help to Protect Students

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August 19, 2016
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School Fire Drills Now in Session: Learn How Heatsheets Can Help to Protect Students

School Fire Drills

Schools conduct fire drills several times a year to ensure everyone in the building knows how to get outside quickly and safely. Although most fire drills are scheduled in advanced so that staff and students can dress appropriately, weather can change in an instant, and it makes sense to be prepared.

School is now in session so be sure to stock Heatsheets Emergency Blankets in your school’s emergency kits to ensure scheduled fire drills are not halted. The Emergency Blankets feature our proprietary Silver Lining technology, which is based on radiant barrier technology developed by NASA for the U.S. Space Program.

“Heatsheets is honored that schools around the United States can leverage our products to keep their students safe. We enjoy working with people within our communities and understand the important role school safety plays in every neighborhood and in every school,” said Chris Falk, Heatsheets president. “Our durable blankets allow users to be environmentally conscious as they can be saved or reused throughout the school year.”

When a fire drill is underway, our blankets act as an effective tool to keep students protected as they provide warmth, while also being water and wind resistant. Heatsheets can deflect heat away from the body in warm weather when worn silver side out but can also reflect up to 90% of the user’s body heat back to them in cool temperatures, when worn silver side in.

Our products have been at the forefront of protecting individuals from the elements for more than 30 years. As a trusted source of protection, our Heatsheets Emergency Blankets have been designed with our customers’ comfort in mind, we also proudly source eco-friendly materials. Heatsheets blankets are produced, printed and converted in the United States.

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