How Heatsheets Can Help You Achieve Your Fundraising Goal

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How Heatsheets Can Help You Achieve Your Fundraising Goal

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Most schools are facing budget cuts and are increasingly challenged to “do more with less.” As such, school fundraisers are more important than ever because they provide much needed funding to underwrite enriching first-time experiences like field trips, or in some cases purchase library books, band instruments or much-needed art supplies.

A successful fundraiser can often make a huge impact on individual schools.

Looking for fundraising inspiration? Or maybe you’re worried about taking on this daunting task?

Heatsheets can help.

Heatsheets products can be an excellent fundraising tool while also helping spread awareness of your event or cause with branded and customizable products! Add your school colors, logo or mascot to personalize the product to match the look of your school or event. Because they can serve as souvenirs, parents and community members will also feel more connected to your cause—helping students (and/or the community) to achieve their fundraising goals.

Have students promote the products by making posters and reminding sports fans that profits benefit students at the school. The best part? Family, friends and fans can use and reuse their Heatsheets products at other school events to show their school spirit, while staying protected from the elements.

Heatsheets Custom Branded products feature Silver Lining™ technology, a proprietary reflective insulating fabric (originally developed by NASA), allowing our blankets and ponchos to reflect up to 95 percent of a person’s body heat back to them. In warm weather, they deflect heat away from the user to allow the body to stay cool. The products are also wind-resistant and waterproof, offering protection in inclement weather.

Click here to learn more about our products and place your order before your next fundraiser.