Heatsheets Silver Lining Technology Ideal Replacement for Sterile Wound Sheets

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June 28, 2016
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July 26, 2016
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Heatsheets Silver Lining Technology Ideal Replacement for Sterile Wound Sheets

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Heatsheets recently spoke with a fire/EMS strategic coordinator on the east coast to better understand the needs of officials who devote their lives to protecting community members.

The coordinator shared some concerns about the issues emergency responders face when using sterile wound sheets. According to him, these sheets oftentimes stick to the cuts and burns of victims making it even more uncomfortable and painful for victims with minor injuries to be attended to. They also lack the ability to provide the necessary amount of warmth to victims.

Heatsheets Silver Lining technology is an ideal replacement for sterile wound sheets. The fabric uses eco-friendly material and is breathable and wind resistant, making the Heatsheets emergency blanket an effective tool to provide immediate warmth and comfort to individuals under care. The certified SPACE technology contains no lead or phthalates, and adhere to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act standards.

“We know that Heatsheets can benefit first responders and support their important, lifesaving work,” said Heatsheets President Chris Falk. “What they do on a daily basis is truly commendable and we’re proud that the technology and innovation behind our products support their efforts and that Heatsheets are playing a role in delivering care and relief to those in need.”

To learn how your emergency unit can utilize Heatsheets, click here or call, 773.337.3887.