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The Calm After the Storm

Calm After the Storm

At the peak of this year’s hurricane season, the Midwestern states, among others, have been experiencing extreme weather conditions including heavy rain, tornados, and flooding.

As advocates of public safety, our team understands the importance of being prepared for unpredictable weather. Prepare for the unexpected now by taking a few moments to assess your emergency supplies, restock necessary items and replace batteries and shelf-stable goods.

Below is a check list of action items to keep top-of-mind as you assess your emergency supplies and evaluate your emergency plan.

If you were evacuated from your home prior to the disaster, return only when officials have declared your neighborhood safe. Move around carefully while inspecting your home and assess roofs and other overhangs to ensure all supports are secure and intact.

Watch out for damaged gas lines, and contact your fire department immediately if you smell hints of natural or propane gas; leave your home and wait for responders to arrive. If power lines are down, avoid them entirely and proceed with extreme caution.

During cleanup, wear protective clothing, including rubber gloves and rubber boots. Before using tap water contact your local or state public health department to ensure that your water supply is not contaminated. Be prepared to boil or treat water before use.

More helpful tips are available on the American Red Cross website.

Click here to learn how products from the Heatsheets emergency line can play a part in your recovery plan. Our emergency blankets provide comfort and hyperthermia protection from the elements, while taking up minimal space. Our lightweight and durable blankets and ponchos reflect up to 90 percent of body heat back to the user, while blocking wind and rain.