AFM Heatsheets Expands its Product Line to Better Serve the Public Safety Sector

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September 2, 2016
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September 10, 2016
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AFM Heatsheets Expands its Product Line to Better Serve the Public Safety Sector

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New York City Police Department stocking Heatsheets emergency blankets in response vehicles

AFM Heatsheets®, the leading manufacturer of reflective insulation fabrics to keep people protected and comfortable in virtually any weather, recently expanded its product offering to encompass a full line of emergency products including emergency blankets, classic blankets, individually wrapped blankets, and individually wrapped ponchos.

The product line expansion coincides with supplying the New York City Police Department, the largest municipal police department in the United States, with products from the emergency line to stock in police response vehicles.

For over 35 years, Heatsheets has been the premier choice for finish line blankets recognized for regulating runners’ body temperature – whether hot or cold. Quick deployment has been a mainstay at the finish lines and now Heatsheets brings the same operational knowledge and adaptability to public safety.

“We are honored to apply the knowledge gained from our years in the endurance industry to our work with our partners in the public safety sector,” said Heatsheets President Chris Falk. “Leveraging the technology and innovation behind our products in this way is very gratifying and it’s not only a great extension for our company, it’s a win-win for first responders and those receiving care and protection.”

Emergency blankets and ponchos were created using high visibility colors and special packaging, ensuring deployment is fast and efficient. Product customization is available adding a powerful and impactful branding opportunity for first responders (fire/EMT/police) and public safety officials within education, healthcare, and other sectors.

Heatsheets products work by harnessing natural energy sources such as body and solar heat to protect against heat, wind, rain, and cold. Utilizing proprietary Silver Lining® technology, originally adapted from radiant barrier technology developed by NASA, Heatsheets products reflect up to 90 percent of a person’s body heat back to the wearer, or can be flipped to deflect external heat sources, allowing you to remain comfortable in any weather condition. All Heatsheets products are made in the USA and carry the Certified Space Technology seal.