Recycle your Heatsheets with the Help of Our Blankets to BoardsTM Recycling Program

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June 3, 2016
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June 7, 2016
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Recycle your Heatsheets with the Help of Our Blankets to BoardsTM Recycling Program

Ever wondered what happens to your Heatsheets after you discard at a recycling station after a race? As an extension of our efforts to become even more sustainable, the Heatsheets Blankets to Boards™ Recycling Program drops off all unwanted blankets and/or ponchos at a local store, where they are picked up and consolidated with other recycled plastics and wood, and later converted into wood-alternative outdoor living products by the Trex Company.

This year, the Cincinnati Flying Pig marathon had a huge turnout of about 39K runners and collected an incredible amount of Heatsheets. With two different recycling stations at the marathon, The Flying Pig is committed to keeping the “Pig Green,” and we hope that other marathons will do the same.


“It’s exciting to see the recycling program gaining momentum,” said Heatsheets Vice President Lacie Whyte. “We always like to see people dropping off used Heatsheets at the Heatsheets Recycling areas because we take pride in recycling the blankets and ponchos.”

Heatsheets encourages all runners to be environmentally conscious and to save or reuse your Heatsheets blankets. They can come in handy in emergency situations and can be easily stored in the trunk of a car or in your safety kit. The lightweight and infinitely portable blankets provide hypothermia protection and can help wearers retain up to 90 percent of body heat or, when flipped over, keep wearers cool.

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Thank you to the Flying Pig for featuring the Blanket to BoardsTM Recycling Program in your e-newsletter, The Squeal!

To learn more about the Blankets to BoardsTM Recycling Program, call 773.337.3887.