Upcycle Your Race Day Souvenir Heatsheets Blankets

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February 15, 2016
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February 26, 2016
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Upcycle Your Race Day Souvenir Heatsheets Blankets

Are you looking for ways to upcycle your Heatsheets? Whether it’s a blanket, poncho or cape you’ll find that Heatsheets are very versatile and can be used again and again. Heatsheets recently caught up with multitasking, recreational runner and full-time mom, Tracy M. to hear firsthand how she reuses her race blankets.

“Like most runners, I always save my race blankets as souvenirs,” stated Tracy. “After I’d collected quite a few, I realized that I could upcycle the blankets in a variety of ways. From emergency blankets to carting around with the kids, I’ve gotten loads of mileage out of them.”

First and foremost, Tracy uses the blankets for emergency preparedness. Living in the Midwest means weather can be unpredictable, even changing several times throughout the day, especially in the winter.

“I keep three or four in the trunk of my car at all times. I make multiple trips from Chicago to Wisconsin to visit family – and you never know when you’ll be stranded on the road.”

Despite weather conditions, Tracy tries never to miss any of her kids’ games, which go through much of the year. Heatsheets allows her to be their biggest fan in comfort.

“I’m always watching one of my kids’ games on the weekend and the blankets really block the wind when I’m sitting on the sidelines – regardless of the weather.”

Tracy’s third tip is to put them to recreational use. Her family likes to hike and camp and the blankets are so portable they can really be taken anywhere and pulled out as needed.

“We went camping in Colorado last summer and we used the blankets as ground cover to keep our sleeping bags dry. Heatsheets are extremely durable, and so lightweight we hardly noticed them in our packs.”

We’d love to hear from you! Tell us how you upcycle your Heatsheets.