#TheWrap Blog Week of July 14th- Sneak Peek at our New Heatsheets for Special Olympics at Burger and Beer 5k
July 14, 2015
Heatsheets Reflections Volume 2 — San Francisco Marathon
July 23, 2015
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#TheWrap Week of July 20th

SanFran (1)This week on #TheWrap, we are featuring a “how does your product protect against the heat??”

We often get asked, how does your product protect against the heat? While we’re typically front-of-mind when it comes to post-race warming solutions, it can be a surprise to some when we say we are also a post-race cooling tool for warm weather events.

For races whose temperatures change drastically, meaning one year it could be 85 degrees and the next year 50 degrees, Heatsheets products cover both extremes. All a runner has to do is flip the blanket — silver side out — for it to become an effective tool for deflecting sunlight allowing the body to cool more rapidly post-race.

Heatsheets have become the perfect solution for the San Francisco Marathon where depending on where the runner finishes can dictate the temperature. If runners are finishing by Golden Gate Park, the temperature is usually 10 degrees colder than the downtown finish. The Heatsheets product allows for San Francisco to buy one product than fits two situations. It also allows for more branding space, since both sides can be printed with sponsors logos.

With half and full marathons seeing an increase in runners, it is important for a marathon and their medical staff to be prepared for any type of emergency in any temperature. Be prepared and let Heatsheets help regulate the body temperatures of runners before or after a race making a successful marathon experience for all.