Safety Planning for 2017-2018 School Year with Heatsheets®

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August 7, 2017
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September 8, 2017
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Safety Planning for 2017-2018 School Year with Heatsheets®

As students head back to the classroom, school administrators and district management committees gather to evaluate disaster risk reduction and safety preparedness strategies to prepare for the start of the new school year. Now is also the time to revisit your inventory of safety preparedness kits to be sure that you are not running low on emergency supplies. This ensures the school community, and all involved, are prepared for the unexpected.

Need to update items within your kits? Consider Heatsheets Emergency Products when researching and sourcing emergency supplies.

Heatsheets’ line of emergency blankets and ponchos are the one-stop solution for your school’s preparedness plans. Within the education sector, they can be used when students and faculty are forced to be outside in inclement weather conditions during fire drills and evacuations, or at sporting events, to keep fans in the stands warm and dry—so they spend more time enjoying the festivities and less time worrying about the weather.

Our education product offerings include Heatsheets Classics (sold individually packaged or in dispenser cartons for efficient storage within lockers and go-bags), high visibility yellow emergency blankets (in an easy-open fold, and large enough for two people), and individually wrapped ponchos, which feature a hood and arm holes—convenient for protecting student athletes while on the sidelines. Heatsheets keep your students and staff protected from the elements by providing warmth and comfort, while also being water and wind resistant.

Worn silver side in during cold weather, Heatsheets reflect up to 90% of the user’s body heat back to them. Worn silver side out in warmer temperatures, Heatsheets deflect the sun, allowing the body to stay cool—making them the perfect fit for the entire school year.

The team at Heatsheets understands the vital need to create and update a safety plan to ensure all involved are protected and safe. Heatsheets products are a sensible, reliable and cost-effective solution.

Heatsheets are produced, printed and converted in the United States, using eco-friendly materials, which comply with CPSIA standards. Click here to learn more about our products or to make your purchase today.