AFM Heatsheets and Right On Hereford, Left On Boylston Welcome Artist Hope Phelan

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AFM Heatsheets and Right On Hereford, Left On Boylston Welcome Artist Hope Phelan

Artist Reception Celebrates 2013 Boston Marathon Runner Finding Healing Through Art

AFM Heatsheets®, the leading manufacturer of reflective insulation fabrics to keep people comfortable in virtually any weather, in partnership with Right On Hereford, Left On Boylston (ROLO), announces an evening with artist Hope Phelan, in celebration of the beginning of Boston Marathon weekend.

The artist reception will take place on April 14 from 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. at 218 Newbury St., the pop-up location for Right On Hereford, Left On Boylston. An art teacher and professional painter, Phelan uses her art to cope with the stress and sadness following the 2013 Boston Marathon.

“Heatsheets and Right On Hereford, Left On Boylston are more than just suppliers, they are part of fabric of our running community,” said Phelan. “Having the opportunity to show my art at the ROLO Store on Newbury St. is so exciting – and during marathon weekend makes it even more special. The running community is always incredibly supportive. I’m happy to be here and to be a part of this.”

“We’re thrilled to meet Hope and see her beautiful art displayed in the store,” said Lacie Whyte, vice president of Heatsheets. “While her initial pieces helped her cope with the tragic events of the 2013 marathon, what’s inspiring about Hope is how her passion now is to help people see the joy and happiness the Boston Marathon brings, both to the city and the running community as a whole. We could not think of a better way to celebrate the start of this year’s Boston Marathon than to share in that positivity.”

“Having the opportunity to partner with Hope and display her art means so much to our team,” said John Stoller, founder of Right On Hereford, Left On Boylston. “Our brand was built on running for a reason. That commitment continues, and through our partnerships this year we’ve never been more aligned with our mission or more excited to kickoff marathon weekend.”

The Right On Hereford, Left On Boylston Newbury Street store will be open April 1 through April 30 and will feature a variety of their most popular products as well as Heatsheets ponchos, including being the only retail supplier of the official Boston Marathon Poncho, powered by Heatsheets. Heatsheets has a longstanding tradition of partnerships in endurance sports, and 2016 marks the 30th year that Heatsheets has provided finish line blankets and capes for the Boston Marathon.

Heatsheets products work by harnessing natural energy sources such as body and solar heat to protect against heat, wind, rain, and cold. Utilizing proprietary Silver Lining® technology, originally adapted from radiant barrier technology developed by NASA, Heatsheets products reflect up to 90 percent of a person’s body heat back to the wearer, or can be flipped to deflect external heat sources, allowing you to remain comfortable in any weather condition. All Heatsheets products are made in the USA and carry the certified SPACE technology seal.

Additional Information

A native of Boston, Phelan earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. An avid runner and nature lover, Phelan currently lives in Vermont. To learn more about Phelan, click here.

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For store hours and more information about Right On Hereford, Left On Boylston, click here.