Wherever You Hike in the World, Heatsheets Has You Covered – Part One

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Wherever You Hike in the World, Heatsheets Has You Covered – Part One

There are some beautiful places to trek around the world, and there is no better way to slow down and enjoy the journey than on a multi-day backpacking trip along some of these world famous trails. In the first of a two-part post we highlight a range of easy-to-difficult treks that are sure to leave you inspired:

Italy, Cinque Terre National Park – A network of more than 120 kilometers connects hikers to some of the most beautiful vistas in Italy in the country’s first national park, established in 1999. The Cinque Terre was listed a cultural landscape in UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1997.

Spain, The Way of St. James – Routes of Santiago de Compostela – Also on UNESCO’s World Heritage list as of 1993, this Christian pilgrimage route in northern Spain extends more than 800 kilometers from the border between Spain and France and the city of Santiago de Compostela. The route is steeped in 11 centuries of history.

New Zealand, Milford Track – This track, located in Fjordland National Park, extends 53.5 kilometers one way and is one of the most popular in the country. View enormous, glacially carved valleys, towering peaks, lakes and waterfalls along the way.

Nepal, Everest Base Camp Trek – Serious hikers will thrill to this route in the Himalayas of northeast Nepal. It takes approximately two weeks and is considered a classic trail. Along the way, visit traditional villages, monasteries and tea houses. From the base camp you can view a good portion of Mt. Everest.

South Africa, Rim of Africa – A series of trails traversing the Cape Mountains, the 650-kilometer route can be divided into nine sections or undertaken as a whole in a 58-day journey. The strenuous hike rewards backpackers with stunning mountain scenery.

South Korea, Jeju Olle Trail – Explore Jeju Island’s volcanic landscape on more than 200 kilometers of trails along the south coast, to forests, beaches, mountains and villages along the way. The 13 routes opened between 2007 and 2009; each section takes four to six hours.

Israel, Israel National Trail – This 1000-kilometer Trail crosses Israel from Eilat in the south to Dan, near the Lebanese border in the north. Established in 1995, it’s a great way to uncover Israel’s many habitats, sights and cities.

Mexico, Copper Canyon – Located in northern Mexico in the Tarahumara Mountains, Las Barrancas del Cobre spans 59,545 kilometers – longer and deeper than the Grand Canyon. The indigenous Tarahumara have lived here for centuries. The canyon, so named for its copper-like hue can be reached by the famous Chepe train.

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