Stadium Gear

Blankets for Spectator Protection

Heatsheets blankets and ponchos are an effective tool to provide immediate protection to individuals at large scale spectator events, while taking up minimal space. Parks, stadiums and events across the United States have found their usage to be beneficial in various scenarios in different weather conditions. Our versatile product that protects against heat, wind, cold and rain make them a necessary item for any large crowd. Utilizing our proprietary Silver Lining technology, Heatsheets blankets and ponchos reflect up to 90 percent of body heat back to the user. They are made with FDA approved food-grade materials and contain no lead or phthalates, and adhere to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act standards.

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Product Highlights

 » Reflect up to 90% of body heat back to the user
» Durable material, easily reusable

» FDA approved food-grade materials and contain no lead or phthalates

» Prevent hypothermia, hyperthermia and shock

» Can be used as emergency survival item such as sleeping bags and shelters

» Provides protection against multiple weather scenarios

» Lightweight and can be folded down easily

Entities We Work With:

» Marathons and Sporting Events

» Local, State and Federal Agencies

» Police and Fire Departments

» Emergency Response Teams

» Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Keep your runners, spectators, and community protected from the elements.