Advanced Flexible Materials Inc. (AFM Inc.) introduces Silver Lining™ Reflective Insulating Fabrics

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January 19, 2010
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January 25, 2010
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Advanced Flexible Materials Inc. (AFM Inc.) introduces Silver Lining™ Reflective Insulating Fabrics

Advanced Flexible Materials Inc. (AFM Inc.) introduces Silver Lining™ Reflective Insulating Fabrics

At the Winter Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, UT. January, 21-24th, 2010.

Booth #39155

December 16th, 2009, Petaluma, CA – Advanced Flexible Materials Inc. (AFM Inc.) the parent company of Heatsheets® will bring to market Silver Lining™. AFM’s Silver Lining™ fabrics combine reflective insulation with a soft, non-woven fabric to create a versatile, efficient and comfortable insulating lining. Products made from Silver Lining™ are waterproof and windproof, or breathable and wind-resistant.

Silver Lining™ components can be incorporated as linings, layers, and primary fabrics for a growing number of new and innovative products – from parka linings to emergency sleeping bags and footwear. The Japanese market has embraced a Silver Lining™ blanket that works like an electric blanket yet requires no power, conserving household costs and energy.

Silver Lining™ fabrics are available as water proof TF® (non-breathable) and breathable aire-TF™ (breathable). Fabric charateristics include, non-conductive IR-reflective insulation layer that retains reflective insulation properties even when wet. The fabric is easy to cut and sew, and is machine washable.

Silver Lining™ is available in two thicknesses: TF-1 – ‘Ultra-Light’, suitable for linings and select, single or limited use applications. TF-1 tests ‘best’ in IR (InfraRed)-reflective performance for this category of product. Our quietest option is the TF-2 – ‘Light Weight’, suitable for linings and carefully selected reusable products. TF-2 has ‘good’ IR-reflective performance and the Silver side includes a UV inhibitor, offering more sustained resistance to breakdown in sunlight and other UV sources. This fabric becomes softer and quieter with use or washing.

For manufactures in outdoor and snow markets this means four development options: waterproof and windproof, or breathable and wind-resistant in Ultra-Light and or Light Weight. The different characteristics allow for more design options and inspiration. Applications in gear include apparel and hard goods; which mean innovations in footwear, jackets, tents, bags, gloves and more.

AFM’s products and solutions share a common technology, based on the reflective insulation material developed by NASA for the US space program. AFM is a Life Time Member of the Space Foundation and has been granted an Exclusive in Category for its application of Reflective Insulation Technology for consumer applications. The company was one of the first to have its products granted Certified SPACE Technology status. The Outdoor Retailer venue will allow for greater business opportunities in retail, event promotions and supplier relations. Silver Lining™ and Heatsheet® products will be “sampled”-come get yours- at the 3rd Annual Textile Mixer, sponsored by Outdoor Retailer, the FabricLink Network, and Promostyl, “Product Development and Textile Community Happy Hour”

Date: Friday, January 22, 2010

Time: 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Place: Design Center

The Silver Lining™, p.2 cont.

Join us in the Design Center and see the latest innovative fabrics driving the outdoor market. Get a Close-up look at the Project OR Competition, and, enjoy a ‘non insulated’ cold brew while you network and catch up on the industry. We welcome the industry media and designers to visit our booth near the Design Center at the Winter Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, UT. January, 21-24th, 2010, Booth #39155

About AFMInc.:

Tracing their technology to the US space program when NASA developed an ultra-light, highly efficient reflective insulation technology to protect astronauts, spacecraft, and heat-sensitive equipment from the extreme temperatures in space, AFMInc¹s product line has earned the Certified Space Technology seal.

AFMInc. produces insulation products that harness energy sources like body or solar heat. Their products include Heatsheets® and Silver Lining™. Heatsheets® are ideal for hypothermia protection for individual or mass participation events- i.e. marathons, football games, Nordic events and the like. The Silver Lining™material has product design applications in soft good and hard goods or stand alone bivvy and blankets; examples include: sleeping bags and shelters for weatherproof protection from outdoor elements, and lightweight bedding that provides warmth on chilly nights.

For more information about Heatsheets® , please contact the AFMInc offices:

AFMInc. in Petaluma, CA at 707-658-4657 or <

Communications Contact: Beth Cochran, <