Is Your School Hosting Summer Classes & Programs? Stay Prepared for the Elements with Heatsheets®

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June 9, 2017
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August 7, 2017
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Is Your School Hosting Summer Classes & Programs? Stay Prepared for the Elements with Heatsheets®

Although many students are on summer break, plenty others will be heading right back to school to participate in a host of summer classes and programs. Schools around the globe often offer educational activities for students to stay safe, have fun, and remain engaged.

At Heatsheets, we also enjoy helping individuals prepare. We’ve spent the past 37 years working with medical and operations directors to make sure safety blankets can be quickly deployed in emergency situations. Our emergency blankets and ponchos have been a reliable source of protection and help students and staff stay protected from harsh elements during crises.

Providing comfort and protection from the elements, our lightweight, recyclable blankets allow you to worry less about inclement weather ruining fun field trips and focus more on the day’s learning initiatives. Heatsheets reflect up to 90 percent of body heat back to the user, or when reversed, keep wearers cool, all while blocking wind and rain.

Heatsheets’ education product offerings include classic white blankets (sold individually packaged or in dispenser cartons for efficient storage and transportation), high visibility yellow emergency blankets, and individually wrapped ponchos that feature a hood and arm holes.

The leading manufacturer of U.S. made heat-reflective products for over 35 years; Heatsheets’ line of emergency blankets and ponchos are the perfect solution for your school preparedness plans. Heatsheets are much stronger and more ecofriendly than a traditional Mylar blanket. Various packaging options and high visibility colors allow for adaptability to your school’s emergency plans.

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