Heatsheets Launches the Rapid Unwind Racks™ and Cartonless™ Dispenser

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October 31, 2008
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January 16, 2009
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Heatsheets Launches the Rapid Unwind Racks™ and Cartonless™ Dispenser

Advanced Flexible Materials Inc. (AFM Inc.) launches the Advanced Heatsheets® Rapid Unwind Racks™ Dispenser System, and the Cartonless™ Dispenser, with added features of new Color Codes for this seasons’ marathons and races.

Heatsheets® Launches the Rapid Unwind Racks™ and Cartonless™ Dispenser

Strongest, Quietest and Most Environmentally Sound Insulating Blankets, Save Time, Money and Trees

January 11th, 2009, Petaluma, CA – Advanced Flexible Materials Inc. (AFM Inc.) the parent company of Heatsheets® with the strongest, quietest and most environmentally sound insulating blanket on the market, launches the Advanced Heatsheets® Rapid Unwind Racks™ Dispenser System, and the Cartonless™ Dispenser, with added features of new Color Codes for this seasons’ marathons and races.

Heatsheets® is making race day operations and logistics easier with the new Rapid Unwind Racks™ dispensing system for our Heatsheets-on-a-Roll. The ‘Rapid Unwind’ promises speed and agility, delivering warmth and recovery to participants in events with 25,000 to 30,000 participants who require rapid service. The Rapid Unwind Racks™ are simple to work with. The racks weigh less than 4 lbs and sit at chest height. The dispenser is a one-piece aluminum rack with no spare parts to lose. The Rack can be lifted with one hand. The fixed dispenser system is ergonomically placed to eliminate bending and increase the speed of Heatsheet® separation and distribution.

By using our Rapid Unwind Racks™ you will reduce use of corrugated boxes, reduce on-site waste disposal needs and save on freight expenses. Follow this link to see the dispenser in use, New Video Heatsheets® Rapid Unwind Rack™ http://www.afminc.com/race-day.asp

The Rapid-Unwind Racks match up best with the ‘Cartonless™ Dispenser’ pallet and its integrated design. Finish lines, where the greatest volume of Heatsheets® are used run more efficiently with the Cartonless™ system. Rapid Unwind Racks™ save event space and eliminate 150-225 cartons which require recycling.

In high volume events like, the New York, Chicago, Boston, Marine Corps and Los Angeles Marathons, which use upwards to 30,000 to 45,000 Heatsheets® at the finish lines; eliminating the traditional cartons saves more trees, time in recycling, storage space and shipping freight. These facts add up to better events. Each roll in the Cartonless™ system is wrapped in a waterproof– 2 mil poly sleeve. The unused rolls can safely be stored for future events with less space required.

Essential new time savers are the “Color-Coded” packing labels to ensure you have Heatsheets® where you need them at breakout points along the course. There are eight available color codes. Event operations can assign each color to a specific set of locations on the course. The labels are clearly printed on a laser printer, in bold letters and numbers. Additional event benefits include: printed event logo, the name of the event, and contents of carton and delivery location for carton.

David Deigan, CEO and founder of AFMInc. explains his philosophy, “no one else offers all these added value features, because they don’t know that it’s important. We live at finish lines and we understand what the race operations people are doing and what they need. Everyone on our team has worked at least one finish line, and used Rapid-Unwind Dispenser, Heatsheets® in dispenser cartons, and has seen the Cartonless system. We are the only manufacturer in the world who specializes in this product and who treats every customer as a partner.”

AFMInc has nearly 30 years of hands-on experience alongside volunteers at hundreds of event finish lines. The company is committed to constantly seeking better solutions through partnership with our event customers. Please call for more information 707-658-4657.

About AFMInc.:

Tracing their technology to the US space program when NASA developed an ultra-light, highly efficient reflective insulation technology to protect astronauts, spacecraft, and heat-sensitive equipment from the extreme temperatures in space, AFMInc¹s product line has earned the Certified Space Technology seal.

AFMInc. produces insulation products which harness energy sources such as body or solar heat. Their products include Heatsheets® and Silver Lining™ blankets. Heatsheets® are ideal for hypothermia protection for individual or mass participation events- i.e. marathons, football games, Nordic events and the like. The Silver Lining™ blankets are stand alone bivvy and blankets; ideal for travel, sleeping bags, shelters for weatherproof protection from outdoor elements.

For more information about Heatsheets® please contact the AFMInc offices: www.afminc.com
AFMInc. in Petaluma, CA at 707-658-4657 or info@afminc.com. <mailto:info@afminc.com
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