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March 10, 2016
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March 22, 2016
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One More Month until Boston!

The countdown is on! The Boston Marathon is ONE MONTH away. If you’re running the race – congratulations! You’re among the 12% of more than 550,000 marathoners who qualify for Boston.

You’ve trained for months. Why waste the first miles trying to warm up?

Grab an Official Boston Marathon® Poncho and stay warm (or dry, or both!) while you wait in queue at the starting line. Because Heatsheets are wind and water resistant, they’re the perfect accessory for any race. If you’re stuck in cold temperatures before the race, the poncho can reflect up to 90 percent of your body heat back to you, or if you flip it over, you deflect heat away from your body when it’s hot outside.

Don’t forget your favorite spectators (i.e. family, friends and fan clubs!) – Official Boston Marathon® Ponchos are great for them too. They can be reused again and again so they’re a practical solution to the elements and a perfect souvenir.

Speaking of friends and spectators, here’s a link to a great interactive map that highlights everything from viewing spots to public transportation access points.

The countdown is on and we can’t wait to see you in Boston. We know you’ll be documenting #boston2016 so remember to #ShowUsYourHeatsheets pre- and post-race. We want to celebrate your success! Join the conversation via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.