Heatsheets: “Vendor Spotlight” in Running USA

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Heatsheets: “Vendor Spotlight” in Running USA

Running USA

Heatsheets has been featured in a recent Running USA article as part of the publication’s “Vendor Spotlight” feature. Stephanie Deigan, Director of Events at Heatsheets gave them an inside look at what it’s like to be a trusted source at finish lines for races across the USA and overseas. Deigan also shared new industry sectors that Heatsheets has started to provide services to, including public safety, outdoor enthusiasts and education. However, Deigan did make clear that as the company continues to grow, the running and endurance industry will always play an important role in the company’s endeavors.

“The finish line is an extremely exciting part of any event,” said Deigan to Running USA. “Heatsheets have been a part of the sheer joy, tears of accomplishment, pain and exultation [of runners]. Being wrapped in Heatsheets is part of their experience and gratitude is spilling out. The Heatsheets team as well as Heatsheets volunteers have all shared those emotions with them.”

Heatsheets continues to provide reliability to its customers as the lifestyle blanket plays a monumental role in user experience, no matter what the event.

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