Heatsheets® Donates Blankets for Homeless SleepOut

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January 29, 2009
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February 25, 2009
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Heatsheets® Donates Blankets for Homeless SleepOut


February 4, 2009, Petaluma, CA: Advanced Flexible Materials Inc. (AFMInc) has pledged to make more people warmer this winter season by donating 500 blankets made from their Heatsheets® Silver Lining™ fabric to a homeless advocacy group in West Palm Beach, Florida. In support of this group AFMInc is co-hosting a SleepOut on February 6th, 2010 .

AFMInc is honored to participate in this local event. The SleepOut is a community-wide event to raise awareness and funds to assist those homeless in Palm Beach County . This event is being held at The Meyer Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach . The blankets donated will be given to staff, volunteers and homeless individuals the night of the event.  They will not only be used the night of the event, but will also be used to keep them warm for many nights to come. The shelter (www.thelordsplace.org) is non-sectarian and AFMInc has no religious affiliation.

For over 30 years, Heatsheets® have guarded against hypothermia at major marathons, covering up to 45,000 participants at a single event. The reflective insulation properties of both the Heatsheets® recyclable polyethylene blankets and the Heatsheets® Silver Lining™ thermal blanket fabric are ideal for unexpected weather conditions.

The donated Silver Lining™ blankets are waterproof and windproof.  Fabric characteristics include a non-conductive reflective insulation layer that retains its properties even when wet.  The Japanese consumer has embraced the Silver Lining™ blanket in the home, where it warms like an electric blanket conserving household costs and energy and for general use where a light, compact, transportable blanket is needed.

About AFMInc:

Tracing their technology to the U.S. space program when NASA developed an ultra-light, highly efficient reflective insulation technology to protect astronauts, spacecraft, and heat-sensitive equipment from the extreme temperatures in space, AFMInc’s product line has earned the Certified Space Technology seal.

AFMInc produces insulation films, fabrics and consumer products that harness freely available energy sources such as body or solar heat. Their products include Heatsheets® Silver Lining™ fabrics, blankets and bed liners; Heatsheets® Outdoor Rescue/Survival Blankets and Bivvy Sacks; and Heatsheets®-on-a-Roll™ Runners-Wrap Blankets for mass participation endurance sports such as full and half marathons and triathlons. They are ideal for hypothermia protection at football games, Nordic events and any cool weather spectator sporting event. Silver Lining™ fabrics are available as thin, efficient, reflective insulation lining for apparel manufacturers. Silver Lining™ Travel Blankets and Bedding products are ideal as bed-warmers, or for airline or auto travel blankets, and as sleeping bags and shelters. The Silver Lining™ fabric is available in either waterproof or breathable configurations.

For more information about Heatsheets® please contact AFMInc in Petaluma , California , at 707-658-4655 or via e-mail at info@afminc.com

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