Everybody Outside! Heatsheets Shares Tips on Getting Kids Engaged with Nature

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May 9, 2016
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Everybody Outside! Heatsheets Shares Tips on Getting Kids Engaged with Nature

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While it may be tough getting your kids to be engaged with nature, whether it’s because of the distractions of TV, texts and video games, there are plenty of reasons to encourage children to get outside – good exercise, fresh air, using their imaginations and learning about the world around them.

At Heatsheets we may be a tad biased, as our team consists of outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy nothing more than being outside and enjoying the fresh air. Our team has teed-up five great ideas to get your kids even more engaged with nature:

  1. Take small steps – Both literally and figuratively, it’s important to start small. Whether you’re planning a hike or a canoe trip, ease the family into it and let children help plan the adventure. Try not to get caught up with minute details and enjoy the journey without being too focused on the final destination.
  2. Outfit your adventure – Kids love having their own gear – whether it’s a backpack, flashlight, compass, hiking boots – give them something that makes them feel like a bigger part of the outdoor activity.
  3. Bring the indoors outside – Plan a picnic or barbecue; bring books and toys outside and play board games in the yard or at a park. On a nice day, indoor activities are even better when done in the sunshine, accompanied by a warm breeze. Plan a “camping” sleepover in the backyard, close to modern conveniences but still out, under the stars.
  4. Engage with nature – Have children keep notes in a nature journal to chart their discoveries. Plan a scavenger hunt with a list of things to look for while on a hike. Pick something – birds, flowers, trees or insects and teach them about what they’ll encounter on their journey, and then help them find it.
  5. Look up – Is there anything more peaceful that gazing up at the sky? Take turns guessing the pictures formed in the clouds as a fun daytime activity. At night, enjoy the beauty of a star-filled sky. This simple pleasure gives kids a chance to unwind, while taking in everything nature has to offer.

Getting your kids more engaged with nature is a great way to build lifelong memories.

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