AFM Heatsheets® Honored as Recipient of FabricLink Network’s Top 10 Innovation Award

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AFM Heatsheets® Honored as Recipient of FabricLink Network’s Top 10 Innovation Award


FL-toptenwinnerChicago, IL — March 26, 2015 — Chicago-based AFM Heatsheets®, the leading manufacturer of reflective insulation fabrics to keep individuals comfortable in virtually any weather, was recently announced as a recipient of FabricLink Network’s annual Top 10 Innovation Awards for its leading-edge Ultraflect™ insulation fabric. This year’s Top 10 winners include innovative manufacturing and production technologies, novel insulation solutions, and advancements in textiles for a variety of markets.


“We are honored to have our Ultraflect™ fabric named as one of FabricLink Network’s Top 10 Innovation Awards for 2014-2015,” said Chris Falk, president of AFM Heatsheets®. “This award is a true testament to the work our team has done to research and develop an innovative product that will help take our industry to the next level.”


The award-winning Ultraflect™ is a reflective lightweight polyester woven insulation fabric featuring Heatsheets’ Silver Lining® technology. While reflective insulation technology isn’t new – inducted into the Space Foundation’s Hall of Fame in 1996 and used as protection from the extreme temperature changes of outer space – Ultraflect™ translates the products originally developed for space environments into today’s demands for comfort, convenience, style, and function.


PonchoBlack“Ultraflect™ provides comfort in a more compact form,” said David Deigan, founder and chief technology officer for AFM Heatsheets®. “It’s an ideal insulation solution for performance wear, outdoor fashion apparel and shelter products such as sleeping bags, tents and emergency bivvys.”


Ultraflect™ incorporates an ultra-thin, soft, and durable reflective-insulation membrane laminated to familiar woven fabrics to deliver exceptional protection from the burning rays of the sun or to stimulate warming.


“The goal is to provide streamlined solutions that impose little change to the appeal of the host fabric in outward appearance, drapeability and launderability,” continued Deigan.

Each year FabricLink Network chooses 10 of the most exceptional textile-based materials and technologies that are commercially available. These awards recognize the research and development efforts required to create new products for the specialty fabric market, and companies and researchers who develop these innovations are honored.

About AFM Heatsheets®
AFM Heatsheets® is the leading manufacturer of reflective insulation fabrics to keep individuals comfortable in virtually any weather – heat, wind, cold or rain. Since its 1980 New York City Marathon debut, Heatsheets has been the premier choice for branded race day blankets and capes. To this day, Heatsheets remains the preferred brand that millions rely on for comfort and protection from the elements. Heatsheets’ innovative product line, which utilizes proprietary Silver Lining® technology originally developed by NASA for the U.S. space program, has been used for consumer, commercial and emergency applications including endurance and spectator events, outdoor adventure and survival, military and first responders. Silver Lining reflects up to 90% of a person’s body heat back to the wearer, or can be flipped to reflect external heat sources. For more information, visit

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