Blankets-to-Boards™ Recycling Program

At Heatsheets®, we are committed to the environment in spirit and in practice. In February 2011 we launched Blankets to Boards™, an innovative recycling partnership with Trex® Company – the nation’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking and railing products. This incredible, free program allows events of any size to recycle and re-purpose their Heatsheets® heat-reflective finish line blankets for transformation into Trex’s wood-alternative outdoor living products. This means the Heatsheets® are recycled here in the U.S., which reduces shipping costs and keeps energy usage low.

Getting started is easy!

  • Heatsheets® and Trex will coordinate a drop off point for you at a local Trex-affiliated retailer or grocery
    store. The drop-off is scheduled at your convenience, either late in the afternoon on race day, or the
    following day. (Drop off typically less than 3 miles from finish line)
  • Your Green Team will collect discarded Heatsheets® blankets in clear plastic collection
    bags at baggage/gear recovery and/or other post-finish areas.
  • At the scheduled time, your DPW or a trash hauler will take the collected Heatsheets® from the finish
    line collection area to the drop off location. Heatsheets® will be consolidated with Trex’s regular shipments from the drop-off location.

Several events are active participants in the program, including Akron Marathon, Austin Marathon, Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Bellingham Bay Marathon, Boston Marathon, Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, Half Moon Bay Marathon, ING Hartford Marathon, Kiawah Island Marathon, Los Angeles Marathon, Nike Women’s Marathon, Pittsburgh Marathon, and the Sun Trust National Marathon.

Contact AFM for more information on how you can continue to improve your sustainability initiatives. The program is available in most areas.

 Certified Green

  • Heatsheets® are made from FDA food-grade LDPE-4 resin.
  • Our printing partner holds an Environmentally Preferred rating from CFECA.
  • Most of the inks used are water-based (as opposed to solvent-based), minimizing air pollution.
  • Heatsheets® pass the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act that restricts the use of lead and phthalates.

Recently, we earned our certification from the Sonoma County Green Business Program, which acknowledges our compliance with all environmental regulations and our fulfillment of standards for conserving resources, preventing pollution and minimizing waste. Learn more at: http://www.sonoma-county.org/sonomagreen/.

We are also a qualified Green Business Partner with Athletes for a Fit Planet based on our sustainable practices. For the full directory go to: http://www.afitplanet.com/business/.

Race Director Resource

Be a hero by planning recycling efforts at your next event. View our General Guidelines for Recycling at Mass Participants Sporting Events.