Make Heatsheets a Part of Your School’s Emergency Preparedness Plan

Students spend countless hours in school; even after the dismissal bell has rung, many stay behind for extracurricular activities. When large-scale crises occur before, during or after school hours, it’s important to have a disaster-preparedness process in place as part of a community-wide emergency plan.

Whether planning ahead for a routine fire drill or in the event of an actual emergency, Heatsheets’ emergency product line makes a great addition to any school district’s emergency preparedness kit — making sure your school’s prepared.

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Our products provide comfort and hypothermia protection from the elements. They reflect up to 90 percent of body heat back to the user, or when reversed, keep wearers cool, all while blocking wind and rain. Their durable material means they can be easily reused, unlike traditional space blankets.

The leading manufacturer of U.S. made heat-reflective products for over 35 years; Heatsheets’ line of emergency blankets and ponchos are the perfect solution for your school preparedness plans. Made from a durable, recyclable, metalized film (LPDE #4), Heatsheets are much stronger and more ecofriendly than a traditional Mylar blanket. Various packaging options and high visibility colors allow for adaptability to your school’s emergency plans.

“The risk/reward is a no-brainer. Heatsheets are on-hand at all our emergency meet-up spots.”
School Superintendent

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