First Responders

Heatsheets for First Responders

Emergency responders across the United States have found Heatsheets emergency blankets as an effective tool to provide immediate warmth to individuals under their care, while taking up minimal space in response vehicles. Their durable material means they can be easily reused, unlike traditional space blankets.

Emergency blankets made from Heatsheets reflect up to 90 percent of body heat back to the user. They are made with FDA approved food-grade materials and contain no lead or phthalates, and adhere to Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act standards. Heatsheets are made in the USA, and are certified SPACE technology.

Product Highlights

» Reflect up to 90% of body heat back to the user

» Durable material, easily reusable

» FDA approved food-grade materials and contain no lead or phthalates

» Prevent Hypothermia and shock

» Can be used as emergency survival item such as sleeping bags and shelters

» Provides protection against multiple weather scenarios

» Lightweight and can be folded down easily


Entities We Work With

Local, State and
Federal Agencies




Emergency Response

Emergency Medical

“From A Safety Perspective, from a medical perspective and from a logistical perspective, this really seems to be a superior product.”
Brent Ruby, PhD, FACSM, Professor, University of Montana

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