How It Works

Heatsheets are made with Silver Linings™, a proprietary reflective insulating fabric that reflects up to 90% of a person’s body heat back to the wearer, or can be flipped to reflect external heat sources. It is widely used in endurance races, and can be easily cut and sewn in to a variety of different products, including emergency survival gear and other consumer goods.

Silver Linings™ was originally based on technology developed by NASA for the US space program. It is space-certified, meaning it has been awarded a seal of approval from the Space Foundation. Products that directly result from space technology or space program development, such that the product exists because of advances in space technology, are eligible for certification.

Advantages of Heatsheets

  • The reflective layer in Heatsheets blankets reflect and return up to 90% of body’s radiant heat to the user, creating an envelope of warm air
  • Heatsheets are softer, quieter and more durable than early generations of emergency blanket products
  • Heatsheets are offered in forms designed for rapid deployment by first responders and race volunteers
  • Heatsheets are windproof and water-resistant
  • Heatsheets are recyclable, and we’ve made recycling easy with our Blankets to Boards™ program
  • Heatsheets are available with environmentally friendly print, and AFM’s printing partner holds an Environmentally Preferred Rating.


Keep your runners, spectators, and community protected from the elements.